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Current Projects:
* AWS vs DigitalOcean Deathmatch
** The cleaning and refurbishment of Model M keyboard with repeating keys
* LoRa and
* RFID Login concept for cyborg wife.

Long-Term & Ongoing
* ESP32 chip applications
* Indoor and Outdoor 🍍 Cannabis🍍 Cultivation at Home
* Home Automation on the Ghetto Budget.

Some people watched the endless mergers and industry concentration of the past 40 years and thought, "Well, at least I'll get a titan who'll protect me and give me the things I love."

But that's not how concentrated power works - instead, it proceeds with brutal brinksmanship that destroys the things we love, the jobs those things created, and the businesses behind those jobs.


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Is anyone else concerned with how quickly America went from, "You can't stop me from going out and getting a haircut, Mr Governor." to "Mr. Governor you have to stop those people from going out and using their right to assembly."?


Here's how #AI will take over the world, slowly and inconspicuously:

Various white collar employees and politicians not understanding their domains of work, using software that helpfully suggests insights to be drawn and courses of actions to be taken. It's easy to look at what the software suggests you to look at, and if you don't understand the domain, you can't tell what the software isn't noticing.

I realized this playing with the recent version of MS #Excel.


Caution for anyone in the US • ironically named "non-lethal" weapons 

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Rage and anger boiled over big time in Minneappolis last night. All while the murderer of George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, slept another night in his own bed.

No major media coverage, just the hard hard work of grass roots journalism. Shout out to for having community driven media on the ground.

There are overnight streams - DJs, concerts - and daytime activities like lockpicking, soldering and ham radio workshops.

2600's been SLAMMED by covid, with issues they've printed (but not been paid for) stuck in limbo in shuttered stores and distributors.

They're looking to throw a hell of a (virtual) party, even by 2600 standards, and they're hoping their supporters will convert their tickets to virtual tickets, and that others will sign up for what promises to be an amazing event.


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She-Ra season 5 ending spoilers 

Well. We're fucked. First day of BC's Phase 2 Covid plan and all the social conditioning chucked right out the window. Grocery store was fucked up; I was literally the only masked person in the store, the only gloved customer and the only person to disinfect my cart that I had to get myself.

There was a nice friendly group chatting around the entrance to the liquor store with zero social distancing despite arriving in separate vehicles.

Can't have a second wave if the first never ends.

First batch of foraged fiddleheads! Never tried them from Spiny Wood Fern, but determined to be edible by watching neighbour not die. Diminished food value due to the amount of work to remove the brown chaff.

Even the remotest possibility of someone becoming a trillionaire is offensive, and should disgust every last one of us. Particularly in a world where over half a billion people live in extreme poverty and survive on less than $1.90 a day.

So apparently, the 400 richest Americans have a combined wealth of around $3 trillion.

That's also over twice as much as would be needed to meet all the UN's Global Goals for sustainable development. For everyone, including the world's poorest.

0.00000005128% of the world's population could make literally everything better for all 7.8 billion of us. But they don't.

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Me: What should I be doing instead of files?

Computer: Glad you asked! It's 2020. You should be spinning up a Kubernetes of Dockers on your public cloud each of which is a Github which send JSON messages over HTTP3 to the microservice host on your Virtualbox private cloud which is running a whole bunch more Dockers each of which is a Node.js which is pulling dependencies from

Me: files seemed a bit simpler than that


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I recently tweeted a link to a Reddit thread in which a passenger on an American Airlines jet complained that "American Airlines makes you stand 6 feet apart when boarding and still sells out flights." The post included an image of a crowded AA flight.

So many commenters to my tweet and on Reddit asked "Why is ANYONE flying?"

I understand the question, but to understand the answer, you need to consider the scale of the pandemic.


The right loves to talk about "moral hazard" in the context of social safety nets ("if we let people see a doctor without paying, they won't take steps to keep themselves from getting sick or injured").

But reality demonstrates, time and again, that the real moral hazard comes from letting investors socialize their costs and privatize their gains.


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The antidote is a peoples' bailout, like the $2,000/month stimulus proposed by Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Ed Markey, retroactive to March, for every adult and every child.

"If we can bail out large corporations, we can make sure that everyone in this country has enough income to pay for the basic necessities of life." -Bernie Sanders.


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