Has anyone evaluated the other Fediverse offerings? Realitically, I'm considering a Hubzilla or Friendica node.

I want a longer format post and control over media.

@rgo I use both - Friendica probably has an edge over Hubzilla in terms of functionality and connectivity to other networks, but to install it to host your own node may find Hubzilla a shade easier (Softaculous has an easy script install for Hubzilla).


After my toot, I tried to spin Friendica up on a AWS instance but their install process is very 2005. I couldn't get their test of Apache's mod-rewrite to pass and gave up. I've been installing web services for 30 year, if I'm having problems, who knows how many are.

I'm more interested in solutions moving toward Activitypub so things like Hubzilla with adapters are not ideal.

Maybe I'll give Friendica another go, locally, first.

@rgo yes I gave it a try too but have spent 24 hours trying to troubleshoot why I get a FULLTEXT index error on database creation no matter what method of install I try. It has been pretty frustrating.

@rgo got my Friendica node running finally. Error was I needed v5.6 of MySQL and nor v5.5+ minimum as stated my the guide.

@rgo You may want to follow this coming series of post on comparing #friendica and #hubzilla:
(I found the post on diaspora and I see the author is also on mastodon but I didn’t find the same detailed post: @danie10).

@Doudouosm @rgo LOL that is my same federated post from Friendica appearing via Diaspora.... I need to try make a final decision to settle on Mastodon and one other full blogging site - went with my own nodes as many have features disabled.

@danie10 @Doudouosm

We/I prefer running our own infrastructure when possible. Our family is all about resilience and it's hard to be resilient when you are relying on another island when we can float our own.

The experiment is in progress with mastodon. The kids haven't bought in yet.

@rgo @Doudouosm yes they can all be self-hosted but you may want the kids to try out or look at options other than Mastodon if that format does not appeal to tthem.

@danie10 @Doudouosm

That's the attractive part of the Fediverse, we are free to engage and use only what is useful to our family. Powerful stuff that sort of complete freedom.

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